About Us


A friend, the other day, asked me if I can send him a copy of the essay I wrote back in 10th grade and got 1st position (in Military College Jhelum). Mai ne usay keh tou dia k I don’t have it lakin phir mujhe khayal aya k I don’t have a copy of any of my writings. I never took writing seriously but then there are always some thoughts, randomly hitting my mind and I, sometimes, think of putting them on paper, itna sust hun k I always fail. Khair, I am here now; let’s see if this works or not. Posts are going to be totally random and general. I have a huge interest in cricket but might not be doing the tajziya-nigari thing over here (Maybe sometimes, who knows?!).”

-Waleed (@waleedish on Twitter)

“Hello People!

I’m the little sister of the guy above. You may know me from twitter or facebook as well. I’m not as good at writing as Waleed is but you never know what can  come out of “the little” when she tries. I’m sharing this blog because I have great interest in writing and sharing thoughts. I also have great interest in Art because it is also like being totally free to express yourself… like.. get a pencil (or anything) and as I say, BE FREE. I will take my interests to a next level (hopefully). I am interested in sports, particularly cricket. I freely and greatly appreciate everything and everyone in this world who I think is doing a great job to spread smiles, awareness among people and is great at what he/she does.”

-Nahal (@nahelzohra on Twitter)


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