Colonel Bashir’s “Young Man”

Today, I am not here to write about any common observation about social media or road sense… I am here to write about this “young man” Lieutenant Gohar Roshan. gohar Most of the readers must be aware that my youth mostly revolves around Military College. There is a very popular figure Lt. Col Bashir who, to Military College, is what “Mr. Chips” was to Brookfield. In case you haven’t read the novel in grade 12 because you don’t belong to Punjab Textbook Board, all you need to know is that Col Bashir has been affiliated to Military College Jhelum for decades. He’s an old man with plenty of experience, believes in the conventional methods of teaching, is respected and his word is as important as commandant’s. The old man is obsessed with the terminology “young man”. I was not really a big fan but I really liked a few things coming from Col Bashir. His concept of “young man” was somehow similar to that of Iqbal’s Shaheen, maybe the cadet version of Iqbal’s Shaheen. Whenever I would hear the terminology “young man”, Lt. Gohar Roshan (Cadet Gohar then) would come in my mind. What is so special about Gohar that I am writing about him? Well, Military College is a special place where about a hundred 8th graders are selected out of thousands of applicants through a tough selection procedure to enjoy the privilege of cadet-ship every year. We would always feel special because we were the chosen ones. But… Gohar was even more special. He was not selected on these hundred seats; he was selected on President’s special seats for tribal areas. Yes, the man in the picture belongs to the under privileged northern areas of the country. I remember when he, along with a couple of other fellows, came to join us a few days after the actual joining date back in 2006, some of us were actually scared to interact with them (I literally laugh when I think about it now). Gohar was obviously Pushto speaking and sometimes it was tough to communicate with him because of his weak Urdu, in the beginning. We were ordered to communicate in English or at least try to, all the time. My first thought was something like ‘oh! how tough is this going to be for him’. But one of the things that impressed us early was his quick adaption and quick learning abilities. Soon, the lad was trying to communicate with us in English and believe me, he gained stronger grip over the language than many others with far better educational backgrounds, in a matter of weeks. Gohar displayed a very positive attitude and took everything as a huge opportunity to polish the gem that he already was. He shined in academics, sports/training activities and even in co-curricular. Is that normal? It would have been normal, had he come from a background as strong as that of majority of us. That is not all from the “young man”, he was something more. If you would ask me who the most trustworthy person is, that I have ever known apart from my family, the answer would be “Gohar Roshan”; if you ask me who the most truthful is, answer will be the same; if you ask me who the most upright is, the answer will still be the same. Gohar Roshan was Col Bashir’s “young man” after all. He is one amazing person and a great friend. When he said something, it mattered; when he talked, people listened and no, not a bossy nature at all; he would crack jokes and his company was always full of laughter and smiles… a very lively person. I always feel proud to have been a part of the Batch 2006-11. I have contact with my comrades back from Military College and I, always, am interested to know how well they are doing in their lives; most of them are army officers now, of course. When I see Gohar’s photo coming on Facebook from somewhere, a smile automatically appears on my face because my brain takes me back; the “young man” came from nowhere and won everything; from success to the utmost respect. I wish he writes an autobiography one day and well… he is a hero. — Waleed


6 thoughts on “Colonel Bashir’s “Young Man”

  1. veru trye waleed. my impression are not any different from yours. Wish him a wonderful career and all the success in life. I am sure he will make a very good soldier for the land inshallah

  2. Hello Waleed !
    Just a quick look at your blog – and I must say that your writing is pretty fluent and digestible, MashaAllah.
    Keep up the good work and do write for Namal College Magazine (Please do bring a copy out of administration’s ‘talk in the files’ as you now got some powers 😉 )
    Keep writing, as this allowed me to see YOU, and many will.

    A random admirer (A senior at your college – See my login details for a precise hint 😀 )

    • Thank you for the kind words, sir! I am flattered. 🙂
      About that “some powers” thing, I really don’t think those powers matter at all. :p
      And yeah, I often forget that I have a blog and then some random reader reminds me, like you just did. :p

      • Wow the best and wierd thing happen today :p best thing i remembered a person named as waleed who used to be my entrymate and was lost in times or you can say lost in life :p ( zada khush nai hona ab ) and the wierd thing k how the hell i ended up on your blog and read a article on our BSUO 3rd pak (kanda) . Turely amazing times :p:p

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