Criticism is our Language.

Well… Here I am, once again, with all the jumbled up ideas in my mind, not sure about what I am really going to write.

I was going through some comments on a Facebook post, a photo where a guest speaks to the audience on the event of the first graduation ceremony of Namal College Mianwali. The top comment on this photo was, “Such a big event and hardly any media present to cover it… SUCH SHAME… give them a negative story and watch them play it on tv 24-7 “.
Well, I am really against our country’s media because of the negativity it promotes but when I looked at the photo (the photo which had this comment), there were microphones of the three top news channels of the country (Geo News, ARY News, Express) clearly visible.
Man! Are you blind or what?! I mean, if something has one wrong aspect, is it necessary that we start criticizing it from every angle?! And 5 likes on this comment, do these people even know what they are doing out there?! And by the way, it was just a graduation ceremony of a small institution, asking about proper media coverage and linking it to media’s negative attitude? What are we even talking about here?!


This was not a very big thing but it got me thinking. We have developed habits:
1. Criticize unnecessarily. 2. Follow the lead of the people doing it, without even thinking.

First point is clearly visible if we observe the daily happenings. Switch on your TV, watch news anchors trying to criticize politicians for all the right and the wrong reasons, politicians trying to criticize other politicians, someone blaming government for something, government blaming the previous government for something. And then, we are all criticizing one thing or the other on social media. I am not trying to make a point against ‘criticism’, I am trying to make a point against the increasing ‘UNNECESSARY criticism’ that I can observe everywhere. Social Media has given voice to everyone and the term everyone includes the idiots who don’t really know what they are doing out there. And then comes the second point, some more idiots following the lead of these idiots, without thinking. A post is shared on Facebook with some wrong statement criticizing something and it starts right then and there. 9 out of 10 people don’t even bother to check for the authenticity of the fact and start sharing, adding some more flavor of criticism and personal emotions to it. I have observed some very stupid things being shared by a few people I considered sensible before.

On a relevant note, this photo once went viral on Facebook with so many abuses to the non-Muslims that they are Na’Ayuzubillah building a Khana-Ka’aba shaped sharaab-khana in new york and we must protest against it and bla bla.


Turned out, this was an under construction “Apple Inc.” store.

I am deviating a little bit from the topic here.
So, here’s the deal, there are positives everywhere; you just have to open your eyes to observe. Think twice about all the aspects of the matter at hand before even passing some remarks about it. And after all, there’s already too much negativity out there, why not spread some positive energy.

The irony is, this post is itself nothing else but ‘criticism’ on the people who criticize.
But think again, is this criticism valid or unnecessary?!

–Waleed (@waleedish)


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