He knows what’s the best for us.

People say life is full of ups and downs. I didn’t realize what it actually meant till I took a huge step of changing my career path in 2011. My life has mostly been easy because of all the support that my father gave me. Let me tell you a little from the start of my academic life; I studied in an Urdu-medium school till my 5th grade. Next 2 years were also not so good. In 2006, I was selected in some renowned institutions of the country; Military College Jhelum, Cadet College Hassan Abdal etc. I decided to join Military College unsure about whether I would join Army in future or not (I was too young to be 100% sure about what was right for me as far as career was concerned). I kept going through the cadet training which largely effected my academics. I kept trying to adjust but deep inside, I always knew I would not be able to carry on. There was a fear constantly teasing me, “What if I quit here and fail to achieve anything better even outside this army setup?”. Army life is great in it’s own way but every person can’t adapt to that life.

Well, in January 2011 when not a lot of time was left in Cadet Waleed turning into GC (Gentleman Cadet) Waleed and facing the real tough army training, I decided to quit. That sounded a huge wrong decision to many, but not to the people who really knew me. I chose the engineering line outside army. I don’t know if you would call it an “up” or a “down” in my life; to me, it was both. I learned a lot of good things in my four and a half years of cadet life. That place made me what I am today. That place gave me courage. That place gave me some real comrades who would never let me down. I now know that those fears were all temporary. I knew I would eventually quit, sooner or later but those four years were meant to happen to me for the good. Looking back, I have no regrets but only two things that I learned; 1. Life goes on. 2. He (Allah) knows what’s the best for us.

-Waleed (@waleedish)


One thought on “He knows what’s the best for us.

  1. I remember the day you left without saying good-bye.
    I just couldn’t believe what i was hearing. I was devastated.
    But i guess you had to go your own way to make life happen. I now appreciate the strength it must’ve took to make that decision. Godspeed mate!!

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