I found this, from January 2011.

Life, a complicated thing, a name of experiences, sometimes good and sometimes bad. It goes on, whether you stay with it or not. Time flies and you keep struggling. But, in life, you got to be smart; smart with your decisions and your actions. Living a better life is everyone’s wish, and its all about taking right decisions at right times. You commit mistakes, but there is always a room to recover. Take risks, never be afraid, when you know its not gonna work, give it a try, but if there is no way, step back because in life some defeats are better than victories. So go with your heart, take chances, love the people around you. They might be your enemies but they all are your teachers. You learn something from them and from your experiences too, even if they are bad. You just have to take a few things seriously. Don’t think that things will get better with time. You are responsible for your life. You have to understand that this life is your own. Its about your future. Go on with your heart. Success and victory are not always required, learning is the important thing. All that matters is the way you take things. Life is short, live it to the fullest, love like you have never been hurt and tell your loved ones what they mean to you. You never end up before your death; There is always room to get up and rise. so go out there and see how much beautiful this life is, love it and live it….



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