Bus changes, Story remains the same…

I have been traveling to different places through public transport for about 7 years now since my 9th grade in Military College Jhelum. From Faisalabad to Jhelum, Faisalabad to Lahore, to Islamabad, to Sargodha, to Mianwali, to Gojra and back to Faisalabad from all these places, I have experienced a lot of ajeeb halaat in public transport buses. Readers who have experienced traveling in buses other than Daewoo etc. must be aware of what ajeeb halaat I am talking about.

Well, all those things aside, there are things which never change. I am just going to elaborate one of those, recently noticed by me, though it’s been happening almost every time. The experienced people must have witnessed bus drivers abusing the other bus drivers for breaking the traffic laws all the time. Well… Almost every time I travel in a different bus with a different bus draevar (driver) and a different clinder (conductor) but one thing stays; they are doing the right thing and others are doing it all wrong. How can it be that all of them be frishtaas when I travel in their bus and shaytaans when I am traveling in others’?!
I tried to figure it out and you know what I found; the driver of the bus I was in, abusing the other bus driver for overtaking at the wrong time and then doing the SAME EXACT FREAKING THING AFTER 20 MINUTES or so. Oh… the irony (and yeah, I observed the other bus driver abusing him the same way with almost the same words which he used 20 minutes ago).Wo kisi ne (pta nai kis ne) kya khoob kaha hai, “Auron ko naseehat, khud mian fazeehat”.

–Waleed (@waleedish)


Public transport

Photo: pakistan.onepakistan.com.pk


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