“Insaaniyat” like every other strong word. We don’t think of it that way but if we do, its not just a strong word, its filled deep with a clear meaning which apparently, most of us, have forgotten or never known. To me, insaaniyat is not that typical “stopping the wrong”. To me its, “not staying shush” after seeing Injustice happening on your way to your institution, office or whatever. “What kinda injustice?” you might think. If we look around with open eyes, injustice is just happening all around us (Yeah, now you’re thinking) .Sometimes we think, we do our best, but we don’t. We don’t smile at the child who is living in the slums. We don’t get chills when we see a kid’s hands before us when he begs, do we? Its not that we pay that kid and think we did it. No. That money you paid will never HELP him. Help him with his depression and frustration. You know the big things you can do but the least you can do is give him a smile. Not the fake smile. The real one. The smile of your inner “insaan” with humanity. It might be the only sunshine he sees during the day. The humanity-less people are not just us (the rich ones). Its also the father or the family of that kid who force him to beg, to sacrifice his childhood for their living. Yes its “injustice” with that kid. So just to give him a moment of inner and real happiness. Give him a smile. And you know what? That time when the kid smiles back, its the time when YOU DID IT. You’re successful. We all know the feeling when we make someone smile. So go get it! It will do nothing but make two people, the kid and you, feel happy. So now when you are actually thinking about it, some of you might also think that not having true insaaniyat is not your fault. Its our surroundings, our environment, we have to loosen up our insaaniyat to fit in. But to me, it doesn’t even make sense. Once we’re mature, we think what we wanna think. So, it’d be great if you think positive! 🙂 -Nahel 🙂     index   (Edited by Waleed)

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